The Brazilian Society of Mass Spectrometry (BrMass) is a philanthropic and non-profit association, founded in 2005 and headquartered in Campinas, São Paulo - Brazil.

BrMass operates with the intention of promoting mass spectrometry research and education without any political affiliations, and welcomes members of all nationalities, gender, races, and religions.

BrMass aims to represent and bring together professionals and individuals working in several areas of mass spectrometry studies. Our goal is to promote research, disseminate knowledge, and provide training for human resources in this field. We facilitate exchange and collaboration between national and international institutions and related scientific disciplines.

Every two years, the BrMass organizes the Brazilian Congress of Mass Spectrometry and the School of Mass Spectrometry. The main goal of these events is to enhance the technical and scientific knowledge and improvement of students in the field. Additionally, the congress intents to bring together local and international spectrometrists and facilitate communication between them and other related societies.

For more details about BrMass, please visit our website at www.brmass.com.

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