English is the official language for the conference.



The official currency of Brazil is the Real (BRL), symbolized by R$.

In Foz do Iguaçu, banks are open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on weekdays, excluding holidays.

Credit cards are widely accepted in Brazil.

In order to facilitate the reception process for the conference, the registration, courses or activities payment must be made on IberoMS2024 platform as currency exchange services will not be available on-site.

Currency exchange services are offered at banks, exchange offices and ATMs (automatic banking machines) located at the airport or near the hotel, although transportation is necessary. 

Additionally, the hotel allows payment in US dollars at check-out for accommodation and consumption expenses only.



Grand Carimã Resort & Convention Center will host IberoMS2024 conference.

Participants are responsible for all travel arrangements and hotel reservation.

Be aware that December is summer in Brazil, which may impact hotel and flight availability. It is advisable to make reservations in advance to avoid any potential issues.

To make a hotel reservation, contact  or call +55 45 3521 3060.

For further details, please visit the Convention Center page.



The conference will be held at Grand Carimã Resort (see details on the "Convention Center" page).

The reception desk and Conference Secretariat will be located on the Foyer in front of the hotel main entrance.

Opening hours:

  • Sunday                   December 8th            8:00am – 6:00pm
  • Monday                   December 9th            8:00am – 6:00pm
  • Tuesday                  December 10h            8:30am – 5:00pm
  • Wednesday             December 11th           8:30am – 5:00pm



If for any reason the cancellation of your registration on the conference is necessary, your request must be done on your registration page at the IberoMS2024 website. You can also send an email to the Support Team asking for instructions on cancellation or refund process - . Please read cancellation rules below:

.  Cancellations made before 7 days, counting from the registration date, are entitled to 100% refund.

.  Cancellations made after 7 days, counting from registration date, are entitled to 70% refund, maximum 30 days, after the conference date.

. Cancellations of any category (including activities) made 15 days prior to the conference start date will receive no refund.



A name badge will be provided on site together with your congress kit.

Please ensure your badge name is correct on your registration page. 

You will be able to edit your badge name before/after completing the registration process.

Badges must be visible and used at all times anywhere within the conference venue.



Presentations must be in PowerPoint format only (MAC or PC) and saved on an USB key.

Speakers are required to upload their files a minimum of three hours prior to their scheduled presentation time. An audio, video, and basic execution check will be conducted. Orientation information will be given on-site at the event.



Information about validity of PASSPORT, VACCINES and VISAS, that may be necessary for your trip to Brazil, we ask you to consult the respective embassies or local visa dispatchers.

If you need a VISA to enter Brazil, please apply in due time and contact the Embassy of Brazil in your country. For information, you can also visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, and find your country.

If you need a letter to apply for a visa, send an email to  .
Before requesting the letter, make sure your registration process is completed. No letter will be issued if the registration process has pending details.

The IberoMS2024 letter does not imply provision of financial or any other type of support.



All the meeting rooms at the venue are non-smoking.

As a reminder, smoking in Brazil is forbidden in all public areas, in places of collective use, public or private (Law 12.546, regulated in 2014).



For international calls to Brazil follow the dialing directions:

  • Dial your country exit code (every country has a different code)
  • Dial 55, country code for Brazil
  • Then the area code – 2 digits  (click here for the area codes)
  • And finally, the phone number (8 digits for residence/business or 9 digits for mobile)

Toll-free number to Brazil may not work.



Organizers claim no liability for the act of any supplier to this meeting nor liability for personal injury, the safety of any attendee while in transit to or from this event, for any loss or damage, for delays in transport by air, sea, rail, road, weather, strikes, sickness, war or other causes.



Dial 190 - Call free (only from within Brazil).